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The quick and easy way to make an appointment or order a prescription.

Order a Prescription

Option 1: Talk to your pharmacist

The best and easiest way to organise your repeat medication is to ask your pharmacy to take care of it—including requesting and picking up prescriptions from the surgery and in some cases delivering it your house.

Option 2: Order your prescription online

Use our online facility at https://www.patientaccess.com to request your repeat medication online. To obtain the necessary code and password you will need to come to the practice reception in person to request them.

Option 3: Order your prescription in writing

Requests for prescriptions can be made to us directly in writing by bringing in or sending your prescription request slip to us by post. Where necessary, please make sure you provide precise details of your medication including the exact drug name and dosage for each item.

We do not accept requests or issue prescriptions by telephone, fax or email.

“Items on your repeat prescribing list”

It takes 72 hours (three complete working days) to process requests. Remember therefore to make allowances for weekends and public holidays, and do try not to let your stock of medication at home get too low or run out altogether.

“Items not on your repeat prescribing list”

These are usually medications that have been started recently but not added to your repeat list as they may need to be reviewed or a one-off prescription for a temporary condition. Occasionally, these medicines or creams may be needed again for a recurrence of the same condition or the original episode going on for longer than anticipated. You may request the item in writing to the doctor giving your name, date of birth, address and the reason why you are requesting the item.The doctor may issue a further prescription without seeing you or they ask to speak to you for a reassessment of your condition. Please allow 5 to 7 days for these requests to be processed.

Doctor Hours

Dr S E Iles
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Dr V Newman
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday am

Dr N Akhtar
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Dr J Price
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Dr E Erdal
Monday am, Tuesday, Friday